Monday, June 4, 2012

Hair Daze

The time has come to update my do, so I recently turned to the pages of W, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, In-Style, Vogue, and Vanity Fair for a little reference material. I've been wearing my limp locks long and a little wild, letting the gray have it's way, so my initial thought was to go back to super-short and considerably blonder. However, my extensive survey netted some interesting results: I'm already half way home with the hair style I've been busy growing out. All I need to do is update the color (a natural brunette) and with that I'll step up the body. The longer and wilder the better!
A Chanel advertisement from the September issues proves to be handy reference material.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Future moves

While I was in New York I was struck by the new mood in fashion brought on by the feelings of anxiety and hope for the future of our society. It's now being reflected in the casual yet chic youthful trend setters, always a bastion of inspiration. Now more then ever the designers are taking cues from the streets in attempts to get the sheeple to buy, buy, buy. But who can buy when you don't have a job? Or when that job pays so little? This seems to be a concept lost on Wall Street, the major banking firms and captains of industry that set the wages for the American consumer.
Yet, a girl has still got to wear something.
So what will we be wearing in the near future? Keep posted here for further updates on that...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

4 Years + 6 Degrees = 10 for Dolce Moda

It's a little after 11p on Black Friday and Mikey George’s peeps, dressed primarily in black, are closing in on the short white stage in Detroit’s MAX for the climactic fashion show, derigueur with charity events.
Three hours of free booze have preceded tonight's presentation. When the premiere model makes a second turn in a bum-skimming mini & thigh highs, photographers drop to their knees to snatch the view for posterity and no pain is felt. The music is good and the crowd is visibly aroused.
This fall the fashions are stimulating. Plaids and warm colors, lots of textures and great knits. And the trend in menswear is interesting, fun, colorful, layered. Dolce Moda (the Royal Oak boutique known for putting on the area’s best fashion shows) knows this, as do its customers. I wonder out loud why we don’t see people dressed like this on the streets. The people standing near me begin to edge away.
Jenny and Rey have cobbled together unexpected ensembles, mixing up European and American designers, extremely flirtatious pieces with some things more conservative — suggesting, perhaps, our own Detroit-chic to embrace and build on. Mikey's peep's appear to be satisfied for the moment. It’s a classy show.